Japan Tea Export Promotion Council Buying trip 2019

Japan Tea Export Promotion Council (JTEC) holds a buying trip in 4th ~ 9th November in 2019. The tour 2019 focuses on providing business opportunities for foreign tea buyers to visit production areas (Kagoshima, Shizuoka).

In addition to the business matching, we will give the seminars where participants could learn the necessary knowledge in dealing with Japanese tea properly, for Japanese tea (especially green one) has several unique characteristics derived from its production process. The course covers from tea production practice to quality judging, preservation method to keep freshness of commodity.

We also visit Sekai Ocha Matsuri (World Tea(O-cha) Festival) in Shizuoka, which is a nation-wide domestic & international tea industry festival held every 3 years.


4th Nov. Departure from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima (11:40am)
5th・6th Business matching meeting & tea industry tour throughout Kagoshima
(visiting farms, factories, and trading places in the region)
7th PM Flight departure from Kagoshima to Shizuoka
8th Visit Sekai Ocha Matsuri (Tea festival with large tea trade show & an international conference on world tea)
9th Comprehensive Japanese tea seminar at Shizuoka Univ.

What's included

1. Trip from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima on 4th Nov.
2. Direct costs of the program (group transportation for excursions, rent for meeting spaces,
  any arrangement fee of meetings and lectures, and so on.)
3. Hotel Fee during the tour from 4th to 8th Nov.
4. Breakfast & Lunch from 5th to 9th Nov. (except Lunch on 8th at Sekai Ochamatsuri)
5. Trip from Kagoshima to Shizuoka on 7th Nov.

What's not included

1. Any trip and hotel fee before your arrival at Haneda Airport on 4th Nov.
2. Dinners during the tour
3. Trip and hotel fee after dismissal at Shizuoka Station

Apply for a tour

Application form
(DEADLINE 8th Oct. 2019)

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